Tuesday 31 January 2012

prep | simple

Hey folks,
here we are again. I have thought for so many times what it takes to have a great engagement session. Is it the location, is it the garment? Is it the decoration? I have seen so many of my fellow photogs doing such a great job. But now I have to think about what strength I want to build. Looking at others will help to tell yourself what you want and what you do not want to squeeze out of your cam. But creativity comes from within. When you are standing somewhere and you think nothing but: That is what I am talking about.
This is why I wanted to reduce a shooting to nothing but the couple. To see how far I can get with my creativity, when nothing I have is the couple in their initial clothing. And it worked: :)

You will always think about so complicated stuff, striking poses and awesome locations from other photogs. My advice for you: Trust yourself, and keep it simple. Even if you are not a photographer: whether you are a little school kid or a mum or a father or a business (wo)man: Keep it simple, and it will work.

Love is precious, don't jeopardize,


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