Thursday 8 March 2012

Kirsten & Isaak

Hey folks,
When you think about shooting film, you always have to keep in mind that the number of photographs is limited by the number of films that you bring to a wedding. And the number of film is highly limited by the budget, as high quality film will be very expensive. Another thing you start realizing is that when you shoot film, you really think about the all out design of your wedding coverage: Every shot is both, precious and expensive, and you do not want to fail due to wrong composition or by just having missed the moment.
These two, good friends of mine, were amazed as I suggested them to use film.. And they loved the results, as they really have a different accent as most of the other weddings I shot before with a digital camera. My conclusion: Shoot film, it  will foster your perspective :)

Enjoy this little teaser. At the opportune time, I will deliver the full coverage.



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