Monday 29 November 2010

Sunday 28 November 2010

daily impressions | what you should drink

I just recovered. What I drank in order not too feel too alone and sick? See for yourself!

Monday 22 November 2010

save the date | Kirstin and Isaak Nov. 2010

I have already accompanied a handful of couples. But there was hardly a shooting as interesting as this one: Though we already met, it was during the shooting that they said they'd dislike too pathetic pictures. Developing new things and rushing through new ideas, we loved spending time together and laughed about the differences of views on books and photography. That's life. Actually, they were happy.

save the date | Tina and Jean Nov. 2010

As for any couple to choose me as their wedding photographer, I offer them an engagement shooting for free. Thereafter, they may decide upon my booking after reviewing the results.
So was it with Tina and Jean: They were the first couple to find me through Google search (do not know how they did that, I couldn't...).

lovely you | Ann-Katrin and Jochen Oct. 2010

Meeting old friends, having a wonderful afternoon with a couple that is full of surprises, and energy. I have enjoyed this afternoon. Find below the first shooting of a couple that doesn't even know that its wedding possibly can't wait to come!

My first entry.

Good evening fellow readers,

I may not produce too many lines as my work shall speak for where there are no words to express what I wnat to say. May my posts be viewed, concluding that there is a God, and that love would not exist throughout mere evolution.

Exploit my posts, feel free to comment my work and enjoy life.