Monday 16 January 2012

Svenja & Marcus

Hey folks,

you always think about last year's highlights at the beginning of a new year, don't you?
Just another moment was this wedding I will now publish on my blog. Sorry that it took me so long to publish, but my couples have kept me busy since last Summer. Furthermore, as some of you may know, I was busy preparing for my final exams in Physics :)
What did I love about this wedding? Visiting Bamberg for the first time! I love this town, you HAVE to visit it and its dome, up on the hill, with a scenic view over the region.
And working with Katrin, head of sagt-ja, turned to be  AWESOME. Not only did I find the courage to knock at the door of Germany's most wanted wedding planner, I also found a friend who is a constant source of inspiration.

I told you a few months ago the story about that other wedding planner nearby my  home town. Her choice of words when critcizing my work was so devastating that I thought about closing my business immediately. After that my family and friend's encouraged me to go on, I did it. Encouraged, I wanted to go big. That's when Katrin came into play. I sent her an email, called her, and submitted a few pictures. Her response was immediate and clear: A week later, I was sitting in her office with her assistent director. Sharing a good cup of tea, we were elaborating the roots of modern German wedding photography. After a great time spent together, it did not take weeks until she called me to book me for a wedding. And now you will happen to see the pictures.

What's the point? Working with Katrin was some kind of big time, compared to the wedding planner that earlier cricized my work. But that will happen: People will try to have some negative influence on you, because they don't have the time, or will, or whatever, to see the great potential that lies in you. You only have to hold on. Reach for the stars, and never dare to rest on what you have achieved so far. You may miss, not only business partners, but also great friends that are waiting all along the way. It will take time and disappointments to discover them, but once found, they may be with you for a lifetime. And maybe beyond :)

So this couple was a big step of both faith and business development. Down in a moment of self neglect and with almost no self esteem, it took me some courage to tell myself never to give up. I thank God that I have a family that supported me at this time, and that friends told me one simple thing: Never give up.

Enjoy my "step of faith" shots,

Mr. B

By the way: This couple has just booked me to an after wedding shooting - Mallorca, here I come :)

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