Wednesday 31 August 2011

Never give up!!!

Hey boys, hey girls,

as I started last year, I was busy shooting couples and trying to be referred by wedding planners. A wedding planner I contacted responded in first place that my pictures were crappy.
Taking this as a challenge I worked even harder and explored other photograhic fields.
Having improved my style and work, I wrote her again. Her answer was devastating: You are missing the right moments, your way of photography is not what (my) high class brides would expect.
This critique made me thinking of closing my business. Fortunately friends ecnouraged me not  to give up. Reminding me of earlier weddings I shot beyond everybodies expectations, I went on. Believe me: It has been a rocky path.

Where am I today? A bride called earlier this month, telling me she chose another photographer. WAIT A MINUTE: Why should a bride call you in order to tell you this if not to acknowledge the quality of your work? Shortly before that, a bride called telling me that she wanted me as her wedding photographer and that she did not contact any other photographers as she loved my work on her sister's wedding. In the mean time, wedding planners that are among the best in the German wedding industry referred me to their clients and appreciate my work.

Looking at all this I am humbled about how this could happen just in a year. I believe that it is grace that I am talented in photography, got nothing to do with me but with God offering this gift. And I want to encourage you, what ever people tell you to put you down, whether you believe in God or not: Don't you ever give up. God has gifted you and me way beyond our understanding (you should see my face when I do my back ups :) ).

Let's get outside and discover our gifts!