Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bea & Marcus

Hey folks,
here I am, presenting another wedding 2011. This wedding was the one I first shot with the awesome Nikon D3s. You definitely need to work out if you are carrying this with you on a full coverage with two BIG lenses.
I really had a great time because the couple loved my work so much that they trusted me without any questions. We never met in person, as I was staying in the US when they called me for their wedding, and I returned just a few days prior to it.



Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hi folks,

I am getting ready to launch my site for maternity and family portraits, and this week, when I collected my films from my lab, I found the shot below. I remember this day taking the shots. I was looking for something special to be portrayed in a simple way. Somehow, my own idea was so strange to me that this frame made me wonder whether I really took this photograph.

What you see is the plastic model of a preborn at the estimated age of 11 - 12 weeks as it would be in the womb. Having this little thing in your hand, and putting it beside your keyboard, you will realize that everything is developed: Fingers, tip toes, noses, little ears, and the belly button connected to Mum.

What makes me sad, what makes me mourn and grieve is that every single day such a little angel is removed physically from the mother's womb. What brings me close to tears is that every day a mother took the decision, being left alone with the consequences that often remain for a life time, all on her own. What almost takes my breath away is that she doesn't find anybody to talk to when night mares are tormenting her and demons don't stop to tell her that she is a little devil. I am shocked when I think about the man that talked a woman into an abortion of their child. What makes me angry is that they ignore their women’s dignity and disrespect life. What makes me sad is that they leave themselves alone when questions start to rise: Would you have had my face? What dreams would you have had? What toys would you have loved?

I am relieved to know that Heaven will be the best shelter for all these angels. I find peace when I realize that all those astronauts-to-be, loving mothers-to-be, caring fathers-to-be, presidents-to-be never had the chance to be what they could have been here on earth, take the stairs back to Heaven.

I am relieved when I see that it is well, and that they are at a better place. As I want this peace to spread among mothers that aborted, whether they were raped or just thought it wasn't the right time, and fathers that grieve, whether they talked their women into or could not talk them out of abortion, to find this peace. Find forgiveness to exhale, courage to move on and strength to speak up.

Let every photograph of a child or new born speak to those that lost theirs: It is well.
Let every pregnant mother or caring dad that you see tell you: It is well.
Be aware that God is there, waiting to tell you: You are forgiven.

Love is precious, don't jeopardize it,


Friday, 10 February 2012


Hey folks,
one day noni liked one of my photographs on facebook. I was really wondering who would be hiding behind noni, so I clicked on the profile. What I would find there made me smile and fall in love :)
noni is Germany's finest design label for wedding dresses and fine art accessoires.
Nothing describes how much we laughed and listened to each other when telling our stories. And in the wedding industries, everybody has a story to tell about your first steps that will let others burst into laughters and tears ;).
I had a great time with Judith and Johanne, head of noni. My words can't tell how much I loved this afternoon we spent togehter, let my photographs speak for me.
Love is precious, don't jeopardize,

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tina & Jean

Hey folks,
these two guys were terrific. Getting ready for this wedding was demanding. And we had an awesome time. Enjoy the shots, feel the energy, and see more on my site.



Tuesday, 7 February 2012

pt. 2

Hi folks,

I had an idea. But what I made of it was not what I thought of in first place. Well, sometimes this is just the best thing to do. Like this time. After keeping it simple, I would call this lesson: Focus on one thing only. We had fun. And we enjoyed spending time together.

Now my camera is loaded with a bunch of new ideas :D

Love is precious, don't jeopardize,


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Suphansa & Jonas

Hey folks,
this wedding took place on a power weekend. Two full day coverages after another. The next one will be published the next time, jope you will see plenty of different angles. :)

Seriously, these two are just nice to be with. But they did not want a shooting in first place. They thought this might drag to much time and they would rather like to stay with their family.It was the maid of honor and my lovely second shooter who were ably to finally convince the bride. I was lying on the floor and crying rivers, thingking about what I could publish from this wedding.
I hope you do not believe the part whith the river.

Love is precious. Don't jeopardize,
Mr. B