Friday 18 November 2011

Love is precious, don't jeopardize

Hey boys, hey girls,

this morning I opened my inbox and saw a message that took my breath away: A friend of mine who got married last year received some shots to say hello after a while. I wasn't assigned as her wedding photographer, and she did not know that I was taking pictures (I love Ninja style), but of course I had my gear with me :)

We haven't heard of each other in a while, so I did not expect her to answer that soon. And when I opened it, I read how glad she was to have a photo of her dress in a very special situation on that day.

What really took my breath was the attachment she send me: A view from the womb, I saw on a high res ultra sonic scan of a little child. And this made me realize how stupid I have been in the last week: Always dedicating myself to something, I started to forget what my simple purpose on earth is: To experience love, and to share love.

Thus, I do not want to jeopardize love today. After reading that email and receiving so much love, I decided to share that love with couples that will get married today in my town. This morning, I will deliver 2 hour wedding coverages for free in Aachen. Stay tuned to see whether somebody had the courage to book me :D

Love is precious, don't jeopardize,


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