Thursday 19 January 2012

prep | pt. 01

Hey folks,
wintertime is testing time. I would have loved to have plenty of snow and brides that jump through the air or rest on trees :) But fhere is no snow in Germany, I mean seriously? Well, maybe not yet where I live, but in the Southern parts :) 

I used to grow up with snow men and snow balls, and this time we had just no snow. okok, I am a Black man and should not complain about snow. Even my sister says that I am probably the only person complaining. But I want it:
When you wake up and take a look at the countryside, and everything that you see is white over white. Only the dark night shapes this big powder keg, and every ray of light coming from the moon so gently reflects on the surface.

Enough romanticism, back to work. As I did not get what I asked for, I made the most of it  and started my testing series without snow. And it turned out very well.
This couple is very charming, and I know them really well, so I chose them among others to try some very new techniques and to go beyond my borders. I want to thank the guys from  apertura and  getstak: Looking at your guy's portfolio makes me want to make more of my business. And to squeeze out more terrific shots from my camera :)
So enjoy a first insight into my training and testing sessions: And expect more to come. More couples, crazier tests, new equipment, and hopefully great lessons for all of us!

Love is precious. Don't jeopardize,

Mr. B

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