Monday 13 May 2013

leave for hawaii

I have not been blogging for quite a time. One reason surely was my constant work load for weddings abroad. Now I feel like I have tons of stories to tell you. And I will start in chrono order.

I can tell you that I have had some very interesting months, met quite a few new vendors, found new allies, got caught up in some nasty situations, got rid of false friends. In other words: I just enjoyed every second of life. One thing I had started quite some time ago was stopping to publish private client work on Facebook. Instead, I changed to publish images on my blog only. One particular reason for this is simple: My clients and I share the habit not to expose our private lives on Facebook, or only very few aspects of it. Just not our flavour. Some do not even have a Facebook account. But are keen and crazy about Pinterest...

And I tremendously limited the number of wedding coverages throughout a year. Can't tell you how much I have been thinking about this, but I am loving the results: Couples are calling in for their weddings all over in Europe and the Caribbean and appreciate my limited number of coverages. Going my very own way has paid off, and I can have even more time for my clients and their weddings.

Enough business insides, let's get back to Kristin and Martin. Enjoy!

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